Vaginal Birth after C-Section (VBAC)

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If you’re pregnant and have had a cesarean delivery (C-section) in the past, you may choose to have another C-section, or you may choose to try a vaginal birth. A vaginal birth after a cesarean, or “VBAC”, is safe for most women, and each of our providers does perform VBAC’s based on certain criteria.

Women attempt a VBAC when they want the experience and the benefits of vaginal delivery. Most of the time, they succeed in delivering vaginally. The chance of success is related to several factors, including the reason for the previous C-section. When a VBAC is successful, women usually have shorter hospital stays and quicker recoveries than they would have had with C-section deliveries. Also, their newborns are less likely to have breathing problems than babies delivered by cesarean.

If you would like to attempt a VBAC, discuss with your doctor or midwife the risks and potential benefits of a VBAC and a C-section.  Your provider can help you consider the options in relation to your unique medical situation and your preferences.

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