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Birth Stories

Tell us about any Doctors, nurses, or midwives you associated with most during your pregnancy and birth? Any remarks regarding them?

Dr. Sarah Andrews — She is my regular OBGYN, and has been seeing me since 2015, with my first pregnancy. She also delivered my firstborn. She’s very quick and efficient and always answered my questions and concerns. With my second child, she assisted with the emergency cerclage to keep my second child intact. When the cerclage failed, she delivered him stillborn and was able to do so very quick and without any fuss or hassle. She’s very professional in what she does. 
Dr. Donna Bennett — She diagnosed that my second child has passed away and gave immediate directions for us to be at the hospital to give birth (I was also running a fever, which is a sign of infection). She was very compassionate and yet concerned and firm about what we needed to do.
Dr. Woosley — He performed my emergency cerclage with my second child. He was also very professional. Because of the extent of the severity of how much the gestational sac was protruding, the cerclage procedure–which is normally 15-20 minutes–lasted 2 hours, and both Dr. Andrews and Dr. Woosley did not give up and it was a successful procedure, despite the membrane rupture.
Dr. Scott Reese — I am now pregnant with our 3rd child, and just on Monday, Dr. Reese performed my cerclage to hold the baby in. He was very thorough with explaining what I should expect before, during and after the procedure. He was clear on what I should look out for after the procedure. He did the procedure effortlessly and was very professional.

Tell us about your birth and tell us about your complications.

1st successful pregnancy with firstborn boy — This pregnancy was fairly uneventful. When I was about 38 weeks, I went to L&D for membrane rupture and was admitted in. I labored until I was 8cm and asked for an epidural, which was given in 30 minutes and within an hour, felt no pain and could fall asleep for 2 hours. After laboring for 6 hours, I was ready to push. I pushed for an hour and the baby started crowning. Dr. Andrews was called in and for the next 45 minutes, I was in active pushing, and our baby boy was born. I had a 2nd degree tear, and Dr. Andrews was able to patch it up. Our firstborn had trouble breathing and was sent to NICU for one week, and after which, he was able to return home with us.
2nd Stillborn pregnancy with emergency cerclage — The pregnancy began uneventful as well. At 19 weeks, I noticed unexpected bleeding and we went to ER, as per ultrasound, we discovered that the gestational sac was protruding and we would need to be admitted and checked in for signs of early labor. The next day, we were green-lighted for an emergent cerclage to be placed to save the baby performed by Dr. Woosley and Dr. Andrews. The procedure took 2 hours because of the extremity of the case and how much the sac was protruding out. It was a successful cerclage, nonetheless. We went back home on strict bed-rest the day after. After another day, I noticed leaking which was unusual. We came back to L&D for possible membrane rupture. After some tests, they concluded that it wasn’t a membrane rupture and I was sent to go home. By the end of the week, I had come down with a fever and returned to the Valley Clinic to see Dr. Bennett. On my follow-up with Dr. Bennett, the ultrasound showed that the baby had passed away, and my fever was due to an infection. We were immediately sent back to L&D to deal with the labor and recover from the fever. Dr. Andrews delivered our stillborn baby boy and within a day, I recovered from the fever and was sent home. I was diagnosed with an incompetent cervix.
3rd Ongoing pregnancy — This pregnancy is also fairly uneventful. At 14 weeks (2 days ago), I went to the hospital to have a cerclage placed on my cervix to save the baby from any preterm labor. The surgery is a success and I am still recovering from the surgery with lots of rest and no strenuous exercises. So far things are going well with this one.
Any funny or memorable memories with your doctor/ midwife, nurse?
With my firstborn son, he was born with a TON of hair and did not lose it even after his birth! When he was crowning, Dr. Andrews was giving him little mow-hawks as he was coming out. Funny!!
Did you have any complications with your recovery?
With all my previous births, there were no complications with recovery! :) 
How was your birth story different than you imagined it to be?
With regards to the successful pregnancy and birth with our firstborn, it went according to plan. I had planned for a natural birth until I couldn’t handle anymore. When I asked for the epidural, it didn’t bother me as much that I wasn’t going natural. It was important that I had an enjoyable experience, and that I was open to alternatives at that moment, and being flexible was important for the health and safety of everyone involved. In the end, I was happy to go with the epidural since I had an enjoyable time with labor after I was given it. 
Was there anything you did not like or would change about your pregnancy, labor or delivery?
I feel that with the first pregnancy, labor and delivery, it was all very new to us, so we didn’t mind so much as what direction we were going. This time around, I want to do the following things, if it is possible:
– Natural labor until I can’t handle anymore, otherwise will ask for Epidural
– Dad to cut cord and hopefully catch baby as he/she comes out
– allow for baby to be placed on chest right after birth for skin-to-skin contact
– allow baby to naturally latch on breast without help while on tummy
Was there a high or low point throughout your pregnancy? How did it shape your
The lowest point was my 2nd pregnancy when we heard the news that our baby passed away. It certainly has given us more anxiety with this current pregnancy, but we are glad that there are interventions to prevent from it happening again.
What did you name your baby? Weight and length?
1st baby boy: Elias
Weight: 6oz 12
Length: 19 in
2nd stillborn baby: Isaiah
Weight: 1 lb
Length: ?
Any final thoughts about your experience with Valley OBGYN that we could use for a review or could help us improve your next experience?
They are an amazing group!!! I am amazed that the doctors work with each other so efficiently. I am glad that I am put with the best OBGYN care in the Valley. Just amazing! My only concern is that sometimes the waiting is really long at the lobby. Other than that, we are happy with our care! 

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