Why You Should Consider Seeing A Nurse Practitioner

Primary and Preventative Care

You may have called to make a doctor’s appointment and been asked if you would like to see a nurse practitioner instead. Some people are unsure what this means, but seeing a Nurse Practitioner has many benefits and our excellent staff of NPs might be perfectly suited to your needs.

What is a Nurse Practitioner? 

  • A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse (RN) with additional specialized education at the graduate level. Nurse practitioners are educated in advanced nursing and selected medical studies as well as intensive clinical experience specific to the nurse practitioner’s area of practice. This education qualifies an NP to provide care that incorporates both what physicians and nurses do.
  • Nurse practitioners are trained in a graduate level educational program that prepares him or her for one of the four following recognized advanced roles:
  1. Nurse-anesthetist
  2. Nurse-midwife
  3. Nurse practitioner
  4. Clinical nurse specialist
  • They also must demonstrate competence by passing a national board certification examination that is recognized by the Board of Nurses.
  • NPs work in collaboration with MDs, but have the training and authority to diagnose and treat medical conditions, and to prescribe medication.

What are some specific benefits to seeing a Nurse Practitioner?

  • NPs are skilled clinicians and educators. They have undergraduate nursing degrees, specialized graduate degrees, and often times, years of work experience as a registered nurse. Because of their extensive time and experience spent caring for patients, they can be more sensitive to a patients needs and concerns. They often have more time to spend with patients and can answer questions thoroughly.
  • In general, there are less doctors available at any given time, so you will likely be able to get in to see a nurse practitioner much more quickly.
  • On average, nurse practitioners are equipped to treat about 80% of health care needs, and can then, “fast track” patients into the appropriate doctor should a patient’s condition require a doctor’s level expertise.

A nurse practitioner can be an excellent option for you! Whether you are treated by an NP or physician, you can be sure our team of excellent providers will all work together to provide you the very best health care possible.

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