Premarital Information: Foreplay and Lubrication

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Foreplay and lubrication are two of the most important factors you will need to consider in regards to your own enjoyment and comfort when having sexual intercourse. This is especially important for women who are becoming sexually active for the first time. It may take some time and practice before you enjoy having sex, and this is completely okay! In the beginning you may experience discomfort, and even some bleeding. These symptoms are common and nothing to be concerned about.

Communication with your partner about your comfort level is especially important during this time, so make sure you have taken the time to consider your own desires and expectations about sex, and don’t be afraid to be open about your own body. A sexual relationship is like any other relationship; in order for it to be healthy and fulfilling it takes honesty, communication, trust, effort, and at times, a sense of humor.

Feel free to talk with your doctor if you’re having a hard time knowing how to communicate effectively with your partner.

Foreplay:  Foreplay consists of emotionally and physically intimate acts that are meant to create sexual arousal and desire before intercourse. Your partner may be ready to have intercourse immediately, but most likely you will not. In general, women need anywhere from 10-30 minutes of foreplay to be physically ready for intercourse, regardless of desire. It may take more or less time for you, and may be different every time.

While some women can achieve orgasm from penetration alone, most also need clitoral stimulation. If you are unsure where your clitoris is, you’ll want to find out! You can research this subject on your own, but don’t be afraid to ask your doctor.

Lubrication:  Once you have become aroused, your body will prepare itself for intercourse by sending more blood flow to your vagina, which will begin to secrete natural lubrication. It’s difficult to produce too much lubrication, especially the first few times you are sexually intimate.
Many women find a water-based lubricant, such as Astroglide, to be helpful if they are not producing enough natural lubrication. If you are too dry, you may find intercourse uncomfortable for both you and your partner. Lubricant can be applied to one or both of you and your partner’s genitals, and can also be used during foreplay.

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