C-Section and Tubal Ligation Care

Postpartum Resources

If you had a C-section or a tubal ligation, you may have additional concerns for your care.

Caring for your incision

Keep your incision clean and dry. You will probably have Steri-Strips on your incision when you go home. These strips will start to fall off in 7 to 10 days as the surface of your incision heals. You can trim the edges of the strips as they start peeling, but don’t pull on them. If the strips haven’t fallen off on their own within 10 days, you can gently remove them by soaking them. Sutures (stitches) don’t need to be removed and will dissolve on their own. The incision will take 6 weeks or more to heal completely. It will leave a pink scar, which will gradually fade to white.

Resuming Activity

Shortly after your surgery, the nurses at the hospital will have you up and walking. Although activity and walking may cause discomfort at first, the more you are up and moving, the easier it becomes. Take your pain medication as necessary to keep active. Being active will help prevent problems such as gas, weakness, pneumonia, and blood clots.

There are a few activities you should avoid at first. These include:

  • Lifting anything heavier than your baby
  • Strenuous pulling or stretching
  • Heavy housework, such as vacuuming

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