How do I Get Digital Images of My Ultrasound?


How do I get digital images of the ultrasound? We use imaging equipment that offers the highest quality in imaging. We use a third party provider (Tricefy) that allows us to offer you digital images that are HIPAA compliant. These images will be sent to you via email or text that will have a secure link where you can access those images.

If you would like digital images of your ultrasound please notify the sonographer at the beginning of your scan. You will be asked to supply the sonographer with either an email address or a phone number where we can send you the link. We are unable to record your ultrasound on VHS/DVDs, and we do not allow recording of the scan on iPhones, DSLRs or any other video cameras.

How do I get a picture of the ultrasound? We will give you printed ultrasound pictures that you may take home. Our emphasis is on the overall health of your baby and not necessarily the pictures we take. However, we are very confident that you will love your experience and the pictures we take for you.

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