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Once you are admitted to the hospital, the nurses there will be providing most of your care. Our doctors and midwives have the utmost respect for and trust in these nurses, and you can be assured that they will take good care of you while in the hospital. If you have any questions, concerns, or requests, feel free to ask your nurse, or your provider.

In the Labor and Delivery area, you will be checked frequently for your comfort level, progress in labor, and wellness of your baby. It is not required that you remain flat in bed, so if you believe you would be more comfortable in another position, just ask. There are many options available for pain relief and your nurse can help you decide what may work best. Please note that the nurses are able to see the monitor strip and progress of your labor from outside your room.

You are welcome to have family members and support people with you throughout your stay in the hospital. Once you deliver, your baby will need to go to the nursery at some point to be examined, bathed and clothed, but your support person can go along. Then the baby can remain with you for most of the rest of your stay, or can go back to the nursery when you need time for a shower or nap.

Friends and family are welcome to visit, on condition that they are not ill at the time. One person can stay the night and sleep in your room with you if desire.

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