Premarital Information: Dilators

Premarital Exams

At your premarital exam, a pelvic exam will be conducted. If needed, you will be given some vaginal dilators. Dilators are tapered devices used to slowly stretch the vaginal walls of the vagina so penetration is more comfortable. It is important to use them as directed if you want intercourse to be comfortable or even possible in some cases.

WHEN: Use them as often as possible the first week, then a few times a week until your wedding

HOW: Apply a liberal amount of lubrication to the tip of the dilator. Get in a comfortable position; it will be similar to inserting a tampon. Relax as much as possible and insert it into your vagina. You don’t need to push it all the way in, we’re only trying to stretch the actual vaginal opening. After you can comfortably fit the tip of the dilator in, keep progressing until you can eventually fit the widest part of the dilator in your vagina.

WHAT TO EXPECT: This should be uncomfortable and a little painful- that means it’s working. Use plenty of lubricant, go slow, relax and remember to breath.

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