First Trimester: Physical and Emotional Changes


The most common ailment of pregnancy is morning sickness– which is nausea, and sometimes vomiting. It usually occurs within 2-5 weeks of conception and in most cases clears up by 12-16 weeks. You can click HERE for a more comprehensive look at how to manage your morning sickness symptoms.

Mild cramping and spotting is common during this stage. Bleeding that is heavy or more like a period may be a sign of miscarriage, so please contact us if this is something you experience. 

Fatigue is a common complaint during early and late pregnancy. Increased rest and fluids can be helpful, so make sure you are listening to your body.

Breast tenderness is common and may last the entire pregnancy. A bra with good support helps. Some women will have a clear, milky discharge from their nipples and may need to use nursing pads to protect their clothing.

Changes in hormone levels, adjusting to pregnancy, and anticipating caring for a new baby can cause some stress and emotional instability. Communicate your feelings with supportive friends and family, and please be sure to discuss this with your provider and/or nurse if you are concerned your feelings may be more severe or interfere with your ability to function. 

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