Old Wives’ Tales: Bree’s Birth Story

Birth Stories

I learned first hand that pregnancy never goes as planned. I have been seeing Dr. Sara Andrews since before pregnancy. I love her as a person and even more for being so knowledgeable and personable! I don’t think I would have been able to make it through my crazy delivery if it wasn’t for her!

April 4, 2018 my water broke, I was only a few days shy of being 38 weeks. This was my first pregnancy so like any other first time mom EVERYTHING is so foreign (How do I know if I am in labor, how do I know if my water broke or If i peed my pants, how do I really know if they are contractions or not) I drove my self crazy of the “Not Knowing.” It was my last few weeks of pregnancy and I was just so ready for my baby girl to be here. My stomach was large and in-charge, getting 2 hours of sleep at night the list goes on and on. I think we all get to the point of trying and/or doing everything we can do put us into labor (Eating pineapple, having intercourse, curb walking, or even Jumping on the trampoline) again…. first time mom not knowing what I should or shouldn’t be doing. Thinking to myself desperate times call for desperate measures… jumping on the trampoline I have only heard it gets things moving down there…. (literally do not do this at home) so I did… It defiantly got things moving and broke my water. I was so excited I couldn’t contain my self that finally this was happening and old wives tells really do work! Summing up going into labor, I learned from Dr. Andrews after I was in the hospital to NEVER I mean EVER do that again, that could lead to serious problems to you and your baby. (Take note for future ) Please if you take home anything from my story please don’t use a trampoline to speed up your labor process.

8:40pm on 4/4/18 we arrived at UVRMC. I was having no labor pains at all I was feeling great and ready to have this baby. After getting me checked in I was dilated to a 4 with zero contraction pain. After getting settled in the room, they started me on Pitocin and within 45 minutes going from no labor pains to full on tears and ready for that epidural! After that epidural became best friend, it was just a waiting game from there.

Around 4:30am on 4/5/18, watching TV with my husband and family and within seconds, in come running 8 nurses throwing me around like a rag doll. There were so many bodies in this room and so much happening I didn’t have 2 seconds to ask what was happening. I remember being on my hands and knees breathing deep breaths looking at the charge nurse and her saying “your baby is getting no oxygen you need to stay calm and keep taking deep breaths.” What was 2 minutes of deep breaths till her oxygen came back to normal felt like 2 years. There was a strength inside of me that I never knew I had till the only choice I had was to be strong and to put all my trust into every nurse in that room to help my baby.

After an emotional and draining hour of stress I was completely beat. Dr. Anderws came into the room and wanted me to start pushing. After 2 hours went by of pushing and pushing and pushing every minute , baby girl was not moving down at all (crowing). Dr. Anderws came in and explained to me that I was more than welcome to keep pushing but baby has not even moved down into the birth canal (if I am saying that correctly). She explained to me the process and the chance I will have to have a caesarean. At this point I was so emotionally, physically and mentally drained I decided to go on with the C-Section. Dr. Andrews and Dr. Reese preformed my C-Section and I couldn’t have been more happy with how everything turned out. I remember being so worried about having a huge scar on my belly and I must say it looks so good! (Dumb I know but I thank them for making such a good straight line lol)

At 10:15am on April 5, 2018 my sweet baby girl was finally here! Weighing at 8lb 14oz & 19.5 inches long with a head full of hair! After they had delivered my baby both Dr. Andrews and Dr. Reese told me I could have kept pushing for 10 plus hours. With the combination of baby being a bigger baby and my birth canal not being big enough, a C-Section was really the only way to get baby out.

I cannot thank Dr. Andrews enough for everything she helped me with during my pregnancy, during and after! I just love her so much!

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