What to expect when taking Methotrexate

• Your bleeding after Methotrexate will vary (you may have heavier bleeding at times or may only have spotting for several weeks).

• You will have weekly Quantitative HCG blood work until your level = 0

• You may have slight increased pain for the first 3-4 days after Methotrexate is given. If your pain becomes intense go to the Emergency Room.

• You must discontinue all Prenatal vitamin/Folate (Folate helps cell division while Methotrexate does the opposite—this would be defeating the purpose of using Methotrexate).

• You must discontinue Motrin, Advil and all NSAID’s (Tylenol is fine).

• There should be nothing in the vagina (no sexual relations, pelvic exam, or tampons).

• No sun exposure.

• Side effects of Methotexate include: site soreness, headache, eye sensitivity, rash, or upset stomach.

• Schedule a follow-up appointment as indicated by physician.

• Call if you have any questions or concerns.

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