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Valley Women’s Health follows the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommendations which suggest women should consider getting a mammogram every year beginning at age 40. Valley’s providers can help you determine the best screening strategy based on your individual risks and values.
How do I schedule a mammogram?
Mammograms can be scheduled at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, Timpanogos Regional Hospital, Orem Community Hospital and Mountain Point Medical Center. You do not need to have a referral from Valley to schedule a mammogram appointment. Check with your insurance provider to determine the location that is covered by your plan.
What is a mammogram?
Mammography is an X-ray technique that is used to study the breasts. No dyes have to be injected or swallowed, and no instruments are put into your body.
How do I prepare for a mammogram?
On the day of your mammogram, do not wear powders, lotions or deodorants. These products have substances that can be seen on the X-ray and make it hard to read.
What happens during a mammogram?
You will need to completely undress from the waist up and put on a gown. You will be asked to sit or stand in front of the X-ray machine. One of your breasts will be placed between two smooth, flat plastic or glass plates. You will briefly feel firm pressure on your breast. The plates will flatten your breast as much as possible to that the tissue can be viewed with the least amount of radiation. After the first X-ray, the plates may be removed so that another X-ray can be obtained from one or more positions. The test is than repeated on the other breast.
What if the result of my mammogram reveals a lump?
Mammography by itself cannot tell whether a lump or other findings is benign (not cancer) or malignant (cancer). If a mammography finding is suspicious for cancer a biopsy is needed to confirm that cancer is present. In a biopsy, the lump or small sample of cells from the lump is removed and looked at under a microscope.

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