Glucose Screening

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A glucose screening test will check for signs of gestational diabetes.

A glucose screening test, completed between 24 and 30 weeks, will check for signs of gestational diabetes. This test requires you to drink a sweet liquid followed by having your blood drawn an hour later. If results show that your blood sugar is too high, your doctor will need to do further testing to see if you have gestational diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes is a type of diabetes that develops during pregnancy. In the event that gestational diabetes is found during pregnancy, you will be working with a diabetic educator at the hospital, checking your blood sugars, and taking medication, if needed. Once you have delivered, things generally go back to normal, but a small percentage of women continue to have diabetes. For that reason, we will ask you to continue to check your blood sugar while fasting and 2 hours after eating, several times a week, and call us if they are elevated. We will also be doing another glucose test at your 6-week visit. For more information see ACOG’s Gestational Diabetes FAQs.

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