Frequently Asked Questions


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What do I do if I am in labor or my water breaks?2020-04-24T03:00:23+00:00

Go directly to the Labor and Delivery unit your hospital for evaluation, and they will notify your physician.

How do I request my medical records?2020-04-15T16:51:32+00:00

To request your medical records, please fill out the Medical Records Release Form below. Once you click submit, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link you will need to click to securely submit the form to our office.

To contact our medical records department, send an email to records@valleywomenshealth.com or call your office. If you are requesting records and your address and/or phone number have changed since you last saw us, please send us an email with the corrected information.



What if I need to talk to a nurse or doctor after hours?2020-04-15T16:49:47+00:00

Valley has a registered nurse who takes emergent phone calls at night and on the weekends. This nurse cannot schedule appointments, refill prescriptions or prescribe medications for you. She can answer urgent medical questions and consult with the provider on call as needed. To reach the nurse, call your office phone number and leave your full name, birthdate and phone number.