Exercise in Pregnancy


Daily exercise is highly recommended for all women during an uncomplicated pregnancy. Exercise is helpful to maintain your health, combat fatigue of early and late pregnancy, and benefit your labor and post-partum period. Exercise can improve muscle tone and strengthen and lessen some of the aches and pains of pregnancy, including back pain. It may improve your mood and help you to sleep better.

Keep in mind that now is NOT the best time to take up a vigorous new sport or exercise program. If you already exercise regularly, you can continue in moderation. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids while you exercise. Very high levels of exercise for long periods of time may be problematic for blood flow through the uterus and are not recommended. Women who enjoy aerobics should switch to low impact exercises in mid‐pregnancy. In late pregnancy when many exercises are awkward, lap swimming is especially good. Brisk walking, jogging, swimming, dancing, or racket sports are all safe, though you should not push yourself to exhaustion. Avoid contact sports and exercise or recreation which might be bumpy or jerky, or have potential for falls.

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