Delivering with Cholestasis: Neena’s Birth Story

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After experiencing a stillbirth with her first daughter, Neena came to Valley Women’s Health for her second birth and was monitored closely throughout the entirety, where she was able to bring home her handsome son! Read more about that birth here. Today we get hear a little about Neena’s third pregnancy and birth. Scroll through these photos and read her story!

What provider delivered your baby? Were there any other doctors/nurses/midwives you interacted with that were especially helpful throughout your pregnancy and delivery?

Because our first pregnancy ended in stillbirth, I am monitored very closely during pregnancy. I was diagnosed with Intrahepatic Cholestasis of pregnancy and Antiphospholipid Syndrome. Dr. Lamoreaux worked closely with my maternal-fetal medicine specialist (MFM) to create a plan for our third pregnancy. I saw Dr. Lamoreaux and my MFM about twice a month, on average, and began biweekly non-stress tests during my third trimester. I had to give myself a shot of heparin in my abdomen every night and was frequently tested for Cholestasis throughout the whole pregnancy. I was induced at 37 weeks and the whole delivery went beautifully! We couldn’t have been happier!

Tell us about your pregnancy, labor and delivery experience. Did you face any complications or unique challenges? 

For some reason, my epidural was stronger than with my first two pregnancies so I struggled with gaining feeling back as quickly as I did the last two times. Other than that, recovery was pretty text book and, I’d even say, better than my first two pregnancies.

Did you have any funny or memorable memories with your doctor/ midwife, nurse?

Dr. Lamoreaux is always so gracious and fun-loving with my husband and I, as well as, our families. We feel extremely connected to him and consider him a part of our extended family. He’s kind, genuine and really focuses on us. We love when he comes to chat in my delivery room while waiting for the baby to come!

Is there anything you wish someone would have told you about pregnancy and delivery beforehand? What advice would you give your own daughter/sister/ friend to prepare her?

I wish someone would have explained how with every pregnancy the after-birth contractions get worse. The cramps were extremely painful and hard for me to manage. I also wish I had more warning about postpartum depression (PPD).

Do you have any other thoughts or details you’d like to share about your experience? How could we help improve your next experience with Valley Women’s Health?

I like that Valley Women’s Health is making an effort to bring more awareness about postpartum mood disorders and hope that they can get better and better at it!

What would you tell someone about your doctor?

Dr. Lamoreaux delivered Ashton (my second baby) and as always, we were completely thrilled with his service to us. He’s such a special, great guy. We also had great appointments with Dr. Aagard and Dr. Haskett. All the staff at the hospital were great with us!

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