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Call 801-374-1801 to register.
This is an in-person class.

Class size is limited to 20 couples.

Being prepared and educated for birth can simplify pregnancy and help women feel confident for their upcoming delivery. This class will leave you feeling prepared and empowered, along with providing tools, techniques, & knowledge to have a positive birthing experience!

Topics covered includes:

  • Signs of labor (contractions, water breaking)
  • When to go to the hospital vs when to call a doctor
  • Possible third trimester risks & complications
  • Monitoring fetal kick counts
  • Dilation and effacement of the cervix
  • Inductions (why they are scheduled and how they work)
  • What to pack
  • What to expect when checking in to the hospital
  • Fetal monitoring
  • Pain management and relaxation techniques during labor
  • Epidurals
  • Episiotomies/Lacerations
  • Pushing techniques
  • Labor & Delivery (A birth video will be shown)
  • C-section
  • Hospital care for mom & baby
  • Postpartum care once you are home
  • Breastfeeding techniques
  • Anxiety & Postpartum Depression
  • Picking a pediatrician
  • Basic newborn care
  • Things to buy beforehand


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